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Archer Vly Again

Posted on 27 Sep 2022 by Steve Markham

Lewis, Adele, and I decided to take a chance on the rain forecast Sunday night into Monday (no school for Rosh Hoshanah). We got dumped on, but camping is super fun so of course we still had a good time.

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Cranberry Lake 50

Posted on 03 Sep 2022 by Steve Markham

The YM have been preparing all season to do a 50-mile backpacking trip together. They did a preparation trip to Black Mountain that I missed, and another to Clear Pond that was awesome. This week was the culmination, with a 4-night trip around Cranberry Lake. It was awesome!

The boys at High Rock on Friday night
The boys at High Rock on Friday night

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Links and Books, August 2022

Posted on 31 Aug 2022 by Steve Markham

August was a great month. YM camp, Lake George, and the CL50!

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My Backpacking Gear

Posted on 14 Aug 2022 by Steve Markham

The young men are planning a 50-miler at the end of the month, so I guess it’s time to finally post the pictures of my backpacking gear. I took these in June before the Uintas trip, but never got around to making the post.

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