The Edge

Posted on 23 Feb 2022 by Steve Markham

We went to an indoor rock climbing place yesterday, since it’s winter break from school. We’ve been there before, and the kids are noticeably stronger/better at climbing.

The big kids like bouldering best
The big kids like bouldering best

I brought some videos for Lewis, unsure how long he would last. Longer than I expected!

Adele needed encouragement, but she did MUCH better than she’s done before. She made it to the top of a route for the first time ever yesterday, and then made it to the top of one or two others. On one route that she did not complete, she made it farther than Leslie.

They did this route over and over--most of the others were too easy or WAY too hard

I didn’t get any pictures of Kyle, but Janet said she has some. I’ll update this when I get them.